This is me, in short

Curious • Onesies • Chocolate • Traveling • Hugs • Flexible • Horses • Independent • Longboarding • Parties • Snow • Beachlife • Happy • Sunsets • Accurate • Scandinavia • Open minded • Wine • Fun • Responsible • Dreamer • Spareribs • Enthusiastic • Explorer • Friends • Patient • Smiles • Cooperative • Animation movies • Snowboarding • Trustworthy • Life


"Welcome to the greatest show on earth, life."

And the extended version

Hi, I'm Diëlle! A young woman, born in small village and living in the big city The Hague now, in the Netherlands. I'm adventurous and a dreamer and get really excited about seeing what beauty and lessons the world has to offer. Discovering new things and meeting new people makes me really happy. 

Studying Communication & Multimedia Design gave me the opportunity to live in Finland and to work at an internet agency as a junior designer while studying. After I graduated I decided to work as a freelance graphic designer for a couple of years and travel around. Nowadays I'm busy making awesome things for a company that's specialised in media for real estate and do I play soccer table with my awesome colleagues. 

In my free time you can find me on boards in the snow, on the asphalt and on the waves. I like to have fun with friends: to party (in pj), to laugh, to eat spareribs and eat ice cream with them: to make memories. Oh and a special friend of me is my pony, Zorro. Small in size, big in attitude and with a lot of humor. He's with me since I was 12 years old. 

As I said, I like to meet people and to discover new things. I'm always looking for a nice challenge. If there's something you'd like to talk with me about, just let me know.