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Fontoxml help

FontoXML, an user friendly XML editor. How can you make XML easy? By building an editor that looks like other text editors users are already used to, to give them feedback and to help them while using the editor. But writing XML is still different than writing a normal document. It has some restrictions and obligations which you should be aware of. How do you know what these restrictions and obligations are and how do you find a solution for actions you want to complete without making FontoXML angry and get irritated by it?

Good question for my graduation project. I've done a lot of research and eventually found out that you can separate online help in three parts. 'Onboarding' is to get to know the program, 'Applied help' is help while you're working to avoid mistakes and misunderstanding, 'Documentation' is the last rescue when you already have a problem with the program. I've made designs for all the help and tested them as well.

If you would like to know more about why I decided to use this kind of help and are interested in my research and other decisions: you can read my thesis here(in Dutch).

Spring 2015 | FontoXML | Web Interface, Interaction Design, User Experience